Bada Platform

Powerful IoT/Big Data Platform

for Ship and Shipbuilding Industry

IoT/Big Data Infrastructure for the Shipbuilding & Marine Industry

  • Shipbuilding & Marine IoT Infrastructure

    A Cloud-based IoT platform that collects/controls/manages real-time data from
    the sensors and devices installed on ships and yards in a pre-defined manner.
    This platform is provided to enable a range of application services
    for the shipbuilding and marine industry.

  • Shipbuilding & Marine Big Data Infrastructure

    Service-oriented infrastructure that supports the real-time analysis of
    the structured/unstructured data generated throughout the life cycle of the shipbuilding and marine industry and thereby helps to make accurate predictions.


  • Common-function
    IoT Device

    IoT Device
    SW Platform

    Interworking with the shipbuilding/marine equipment
    Common-function IoT Device
    Common-function IoT Gateway
    Highly reliable IoT Connectivity
  • Welders





    Other Equipment

  • Real-time/Highly Reliable Data Collection
  • Based on an international standard (oneM2M)
  • Interworking with the Shipbuilding & Maritime IoT Platform
  • Real-time, Highly Reliable IoT platform

    Data collection/storage/management
    Compliance with the oneM2M standard
    Remote device control/management
    Real-time location information


Bada-Big Data
  • Big Data Platform

    Interoperation with the IoT platform
    Analysis of the shipbuilding and marine data
  • Service Cloud

    Interoperation with the IoT platform
    Support for the shipbuilding and marine services
Bada Services
  • HSE HSE: Health, Safety and
    the Environment
  • Logistics/PLM PLM : Product Lifecycle
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Etc.
    Bada Device
  • Common-function IoT Device
    Reference IoT device equipped with a user interface and network features for communications with legacy devices, which supports easier development of shipyard sensors/equipment.
  • IoT Device SW Platform
    SW platform installed on a range of shipyard's IoT devices to help interwork with the shipbuilding and marine IoT platform.
    Bada IoT
  • An IoT platform that provides real-time, high-reliability functions for the shipbuilding & marine industry in compliance with the oneM2M, a set of international standards for M2M and IoT
    Bada Bigdata
  • Shipbuilding & Marine Big Data Platform
    A platform that works with Bada IoT and Shipyard MIS for the collection/processing/storage of the big data, machine learning, and statistics related to the shipbuilding & marine businesses
  • Shipbuilding and Marine Cloud Platform
    A cloud platform that interfaces with Bada IoT where the users can manage the cloud applications as well as the interface development environment
    Bada Services
  • IoT, Big Data base technology to support various Data/SW oriented application services.